Anyone can have an impact on their community and community nonprofits deserve access to equitable funding. Donors expect transparency to see how their donations make a difference. Local Nonprofits make up the majority of community 501(c)3s, yet struggle to share their impact or reach broad audiences. We can help. By combining all of these objectives on our single proprietary platform, together we can drive positive impact in local communities while empowering both donors and those nonprofits.
How It Works
The smallest measures can add up to the greatest outcomes.
We believe every single person deserves to be empowered, because anyone can make a difference in their community- even with "pocket change".
We believe anyone should be able to donate to small, local charities, as easily as they can to larger, well-known organizations, giving all charities a better opportunity to provide impact
Through micro-donations, generosity becomes affordable, everyone can participate. Positive impact can be achieved. Anyone can Be The Change.
Before going any further:
Our Philanthropic Platform
21st Century technology has transformed many parts of our lives. We know it can transform how charitable donations can lead to meaningful positive impacts. We recognize, everyone wants to make a difference in their community, but it is often difficult to know how.

The majority of small charitable organizations strive for positive impact in their communities, however they struggle for awareness and donations, often vastly overshadowed by
established and larger organizations.

Our Mission is to engage, empower and unite citizens with local charitable organizations to be the Unlimited Change in their vital communities.
Powered by Micro-Donations
Anyone can participate by subscribing quarterly to micro-donations, for as little as $0.50, 0.75 cents or a $1 per week. That's $26, $39, $52 annually to support up to 100 hundred local community
nonprofit organizations.
Supported by Positive Feedback
We recognize transparency is expected. You will receive weekly notifications about those charities you helped fund, the positive impact on those lives you changed, the Communities you served.
Change Unlimited is the core for seeing the impact you have when you donate
Thousands of
A growing network of nonprofits powered by Change Unlimited's giving networks
The beneficial impact on our communities and world is limited only by the amount of givers.
Global Scale of Platform & Impact
At 100M donors on our platform we equal the impact of the largest private foundation in the world.
At FaceBook level of 2B+ Global Users, our donors are 27x more impactful than that Foundation!
With Company Match Programs we could be
54x More Impactful!
Let's Replace our "Social Dilemma" with
Social Impact
Sharing the impact of your donation
Follow and share the impact Change Unlimited is making in your community and across the world!
(Our social media kicks off Q1 2021)
Help make a change
Your tax deductible donation to our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization today will support
our platform and help us transform the way the World gives to local community
nonprofits and generously impacts so many lives.
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